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Poconos Custom Home Blog

The Best Spring Getaways in Pennsylvania

The Best 2020 Spring Events in the Poconos

Average Home Prices in the Poconos

What is the Cost of Building a Home in the Poconos?

What Is RESNET® and Why Does It Matter?

Should I Buy or Build a Home in the Poconos in 2020?

The Best Winter Getaways in Pennsylvania

6 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe When You Are Away for the Holidays

The Best 2019 - 2020 Winter / Christmas Events in the Poconos

The Best 2019 Black Friday / Christmas Shopping in the Poconos

How to Prepare My Poconos Home for Winter

15 Ways to Winterized Your Home in the Poconos

4 Ways to Achieve “Perfection” in Your New Home Build

How to Get the Most Charm and Character When Building a New Home

5 Top Features to Add When Building Your Home

How to Prepare My Poconos Home for Fall

The Best 2019 Fall Events in the Poconos

Best Fall Getaways in Pennsylvania

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Poconos Home Builder

The 4 Biggest Home Building Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

The Top 6 “Nice to Haves” to Include in a Home Build

How to Match a Floor Plan with Your Home Goals

Liberty Homes' Most Popular Floor Plans

5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Floor Plan

5 Ways to Make Your Home Worthy of a Staycation

The Best Vacation Spots in the Poconos

The Best Lakes and Beaches in the Poconos

How to Prepare Your Poconos Home for Summer

The Best Summer Getaways in Pennsylvania

The Best 2019 Summer Events in the Poconos

5 Historical Sites to Visit in the Poconos

Best Towns to Visit in the Poconos

Why People Are Moving to the Poconos from New York and Philadelphia

How to Prepare My Poconos Home for Spring

What is Aging-in-Place and Why It Matters for You

5 Tips for Retiring in a Two-Story Home

7 Things to Live Near When You Retire

8 Things to Know About the Poconos Before You Move There

The Future of Home Building—Trends that Could Take Off in 2019

New Year, New Home: How to Get a Jump on Finding your Dream Home in 2019

4 Signs You're Ready to Build a New Poconos Home

4 Ways to Enjoy the Christmas Season in the Poconos

Play It Safe by Building a New Home

Best Winter Getaways in the Poconos

6 Tips for Choosing Where to Retire

The Best Home Builders in the Poconos

Best Ski Resorts in the Poconos

What Are the Best New Home Features for a Poconos Home?

How Far In Advance Should You Plan a Home Build?

Building a Second Home: Here's What You Need to Know

How to Save Money When Building a New Home

2018 Pennsylvania Building Code Update - Is Your Builder Using It?

Poconos Town Spotlight: Honesdale

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: Milford, Pennsylvania

Why the Poconos is the Perfect Place to Retire

Why You Should Retire in the Poconos

Preparing Yourself for Those Surprising Places Where Your Poconos Custom Home Could Cost You More

How to Find an Affordable Home in the Poconos

How Big Should Your Home Be?

6 Essential Features for the Home You Retire In

The Top 6 Restaurants in the Poconos

8 Tips for Preparing Your Poconos Home for the Vacation Season

Don't Settle for Department Store Stuff - Shop Locally for Your Poconos Home

Outdoor Space—Keep It Simple with These 5 Essentials

Furniture Ideas for Your New Poconos Home

How to Prepare Your Poconos Home for Spring Rain

Why You Should Buy a Vacation Home in the Poconos

Why You Should Do a Credit Check Before Building a House

How to Budget for a New Home

How to Care for a New Home You Just Moved Into

Spring Getaways in the Poconos

How to Plan for Building a Poconos Home

Questions to Ask when Visiting a Home Builder

How Much Does Land Cost in the Poconos?

4 Features that Will Influence the Cost of Your New Poconos Home

8 Beautiful Photos of the Poconos

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: Greenwood Acres

Is a Train Coming to the Poconos?

Experience the Poconos—Your 2018 Checklist of Things to Do

Liberty Homes Locations

Timeline for Building a Home

Cabins in the Poconos – How to Make Your Rustic Living Dream Reality

Why the Poconos May Be the Perfect Place to Retire or Build a Vacation Home

Preparing your Poconos Home for the Holidays

10 Amazing Photos of Homes in the Poconos

Winter Attractions Make the Poconos a Winter Wonderland

Where to go Christmas Shopping in the Poconos

How to Prepare your Home for an Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving

Building a Home in the Poconos: The Complete Guide

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: Jim Thorpe

Don’t Ski? No Problem! 3 Things You Can Do in the Poconos this Winter

Everything You Need to Know About Skiing in the Poconos

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: Eagle Rock

How Much Should You Pay for a Home in the Poconos?

12 Photos That Will Blow You Away and Make Your Fall in Love with the Poconos

Building vs. Buying vs. Renting a Home in the Poconos

Poconos Destinations: Jim Thorpe is Much More Than Quaint Shops and Interesting Architecture

6 Unique Storage Ideas for Your New Home

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: White Haven

The Essential Guide to Fall in the Poconos

Myths about the Poconos and the True Answers!

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: Stroudsburg

Pros and Cons of Lakefront Property in the Poconos

The Biggest Regrets Homeowners Have and How to Make Sure You Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

Best Hikes in the Poconos

Best Places to Camp in the Poconos

13 Tips to Preparing for the School Year in the Poconos

Fun Facts about the Poconos

A Brief History of Jim Thorpe

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: Camelot Forest

The Complete Guide to Water Parks in the Poconos

4th of July in the Poconos: Where to See the Fireworks

Why You Should Invest in the Poconos

Top 7 Reasons to Live in the Poconos

Homebuilding 101

3 Different Types of Poconos Homes: Which One is Right for You

Commuting from the Poconos – What Cities Are Accessible

Best Family Getaways in the Poconos

A Guide to Poconos Schools

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: Locust Lake Village

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: Thornhurst Township

Where to find Poconos Lakefront Lots

Why Building a Smaller Home May Make Sense

Should I Build a Vacation Home Near Pocono Lake?

Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos – Why It Keeps Getting Better

Energy Efficiency Options that Save You Money

Home Security in the Poconos: 5 Benefits You Could Enjoy

Fun AND Fine Dining: Two New Restaurants Opening at Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: Arrowhead Lake

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters for Your Home

8 Landscaping Suggestions for Your Land in the Poconos

What Are the Best Seasons to Spend in the Poconos

6 Things to Consider When Designing Your Poconos Kitchen

The Best Addition to Your Poconos Home

Rustic Kitchen Inspiration for Your Pocono Mountains Home

What's my Poconos Custom Home Personality?

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: Tobyhanna Township

Our Favorite Places in the Poconos

How to Budget for a Custom Home in the Poconos

Little Details That Make a Big Difference in Your Poconos Home

8 Amazing Golf Courses in the Poconos

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: Pocono Manor

Great Winter Attractions in the Poconos

How to Make Your Poconos Home Instantly Smart!

7 Factors You Can’t Overlook When Building a New Poconos Home

Untouched Beauty: Natural Wonders You Must See in the Poconos

5 Tips for Creating an Energy Efficient Home

Bigger and Better: The Latest News on Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos

New Years Resolutions for Your Home in the Poconos

A New Year’s Resolution for Your Poconos Home

No Such Thing As a “Perfect Home?” We’re Not Buying It!

How to Find the Best Lot in the Poconos

5 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Get-Together at your Poconos Home

Important Numbers For Your Poconos Home—Understanding the HERS Index

December Activities in the Poconos

8 Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Poconos Home

How to Host a Large Thanksgiving Dinner at Your Home

How to Make Your Home in the Poconos Safe and Secure

Establishing a New Home Budget: Why It’s Important and How and When to Do It

How to Eliminate Allergens From Your New Poconos Home

How to Identify the Most Important Space in the Home You Want to Build

6 Things To Do in the Poconos During November

Why First Floor Living is Important for Empty Nesters

Best Hospitals in the Poconos

Turning Your Poconos Vacation Home Into Your Forever Home

4 Tips for Building A Poconos Home You’ll Love

4 Reasons to Consider Aging in Place When Building

3 Factors to Consider When Building a Poconos Mountains Investment Property

4 Ways to Enjoy Fall in the Poconos

How to Select a Custom Home Builder in the Poconos

7 Reasons to Move to the Poconos

2 Important Things to Look for When Buying Land in the Poconos

How to Find a Poconos Lakefront Lot

3 Reasons to Build a Vacation Home in the Poconos

How to Spend Labor Day in the Poconos

How to Tap into One of the Best Resources for Building a Custom Poconos Home: Your Builder’s Expertise

What Really Adds Character to Your Poconos Custom Home?

3 Steps to Overcoming Analysis Paralysis When Building Your Poconos Home

Reasons Your Poconos Custom Home Might Be Delayed

TMI: Managing Information Overload When Researching Your Poconos Custom Home

Kitchen Design Trends to Keep in Mind for Your Poconos Home

Why You Need to Know What’s in a Home Warranty (and What’s Not)

The Pros and Cons of Natural Versus Engineered Stone for Your Poconos Home

Building a Custom Poconos Home WITH Your Spouse

Why Adding Options to Your New Poconos Home Up Front Makes Sense

Leveling the Sleeping Field: Why a First-Floor Master Bedroom Makes Sense

Decisions for Your Poconos Custom Home Should Be More Than a Roll of the Dice

Tips for Evaluating Poconos Custom Home Floor Plans

Why Going Over Your Poconos Custom Home Budget May Not Be So Bad

What Makes Building in the Poconos Such a Good Idea?

Those Things You Didn’t Think About Can Make All the Difference in Your New Poconos Home

Does Paying More Guarantee Better Quality for Your Poconos Home?

Fireplace Options: Is Wood or Natural Gas a Better Fit for Your Poconos Home?

Is There a Standard Cost for a Custom Poconos Home?

Making Sense of Home Pricing Fluctuations in the Poconos

Natural Wood or Composite Deck: Which Makes More Sense for Your Poconos Home?

New Kitchen Gadgets You Can Live Without (But May Not Want to!)

Building the “Right” Poconos Kitchen Depends on Your Kitchen Personality

Goldilocks and the Three Poconos Homes: Too Big, Too Small, Too Generic

What to Look For in a Poconos Custom Homebuilder

Cost or Value? What’s More Important for Your Poconos Custom Home?

No Stupid Questions: Asking Your Poconos Builder Questions Actually Makes You Look Smart

Building Community in a New Construction Neighborhood

Spousal Stress Triggers When Building a Poconos Custom Home (and How to Avoid Them)

Custom Home Budget Busters: Is It You, Your Builder or Both?

There's More to Your Homebuilding Budget than Principal and Interest

Neighbors and Neighborhoods in the Poconos: What Makes Them Good?

What If My Poconos Custom Home is Building Too Slowly?

Building Your Poconos Home:Sometimes It’s Good to Have a Guide!

A Taste of the Poconos:Great Places to Eat

Tired of Renting When You Ski in the Poconos? Now's the Time to Build a Great Vacation Home

Your Windows Are Your Eyes to the Outside World

Great Enhancements for Your Poconos Deck

Favorite Outdoor Getaways in the Poconos

Understanding a Home Warranty: What It's Designed To Do (and Not To Do)

Building a New Home in the Poconos: Why Settle When You Can Choose?

Sometimes What You Don't See in a New Home Really Matters

3 Critical Factors When Choosing Your New Poconos Floor Plan

Will Your New Poconos Home Be Smart—or Just "Techie?"

Is the Poconos Homebuilding Process Really Like You See on TV?

What to Do with Grandchildren Under 10?

Understanding the Roles Process, Price and Product Quality Play in Building Your Poconos Home

Using Photography to Show Your Poconos Builder What You Want

Poconos Homebuilding Value: Evaluating Price in Terms of What It Delivers

Who Moves to the Poconos—and Why?

When Building Your New Poconos Home, Are You More Interested in Cost or Value?

Building a New Home Without Wrecking Your Relationship with Your Spouse

Why New Yorkers Are Moving to the Poconos

Do You Really Want a Kitchen Fit for a Queen?

Getting a Jump on Spring Activities in the Poconos

Buyer Beware! When Is a Deal Not Really a Deal if You're Building a Poconos Home?

I Haven't Heard from My Builder in 12 Hours—Should I Worry?

Custom Homebuilding Myths: Your Budget Won't Blow Up—It Will Creep Up

Choosing a Site for Your Poconos Home—Things You May Never Have Considered

Featured Floor Plan for Your Poconos Dream Home: The Lakewood

3 Questions Every Custom Homebuilder Wishes Clients Would Ask

Those Little Things You Don’t Think About When Building Your Custom Home—Until They Don't Work

Signs You're Ready to Build a Custom Home in the Poconos (and Signs That Maybe You're Not)

Should Your Road to Retirement Lead to the Poconos?

What Is an In-Law Apartment and Should You Have One?

Should You Buy a Poconos Vacation Home with Your Family?

Leveraging Your Custom Homebuilder’s Knowledge and Expertise

Custom Homebuilding and Decision-making: How You're Involved Throughout the Process

When Having a Master Bedroom on the First Floor Makes Sense (and When it Doesn't)

What Matters Most in Your Custom Poconos Home Changes with Age

If You Disagree with Your Homebuilder Does That Mean You Have to Fight?

Want to Balance Your Building Budget? Start by Balancing Your Expectations

Does Your Dream Home Look Like This? In the Poconos It Could!

What Gives Your New Home a “Poconos Style”?

Want to Enjoy Living in the Poconos This Spring? Start Planning Now!

What If You Like Your Existing Poconos Home (But Want to Love It?)

Why Energy-Efficiency Isn’t a Sacrifice Anymore

There’s More to Your Poconos Master Bedroom Than a Bed

What’s New in Poconos Kitchens?

Planning to Build a Custom Home in The Poconos? Here’s What to Expect

Where Should You Put Your Laundry Room in Your New Poconos Home?

When Your Homebuilding Budget and Your Sense of Style Are at Odds

Making the Distinction Between High Cost and High Quality When Building a Custom Home

Gathering Homebuilding Ideas Without Losing Your Mind

Deciding What’s Important in YOUR New Poconos Kitchen

Why New Yorkers Love the Poconos

Are You Asking Your Homebuilder Enough Questions?

What Adds Character to Your New Poconos Home?

Common Decisions That are More Complicated With a Custom Home

Home Accessibility: Thinking about the Future

2 Tips for Creating a Festive Holiday Atmosphere in Your Mountain Home

Passenger Trains Coming to the Poconos?

What’s It Really Like to Build a Home? Sneak a Peek At the Home-building Process

What If You Could Put a Sweater on Your Poconos House?

The Faces Behind the Places: Meet the Team at Liberty Homes

“I Can See It In My Mind!” Using a Floor Plan to Visualize Your New Home

Celebrate the Holidays in the Poconos

Simple, Spacious Single-Level Living With a Whopper of a Warranty (Hawthorne)

Three Things About the Poconos that May Surprise You

Managing Information Overload: Where Do I Research My Custom Home?

Add-ons That Don’t Add Up: Home Enhancements You May Want to Avoid

Just How “Custom” Should Your Custom House Be?

Great Places to Visit and Stay When Checking on the Progress of Your New Poconos Home

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Plan Your New Poconos Home

Avoiding the Most Common Kitchen Frustrations When Building Your New Home

Should You Build Your Poconos Lake House on a Public or Private Lake?

What You Can Do to Avoid Delays in the Building of Your Custom Poconos Home

Top 10 Questions About the Poconos Region

Want to Build an Amazing Home? Start Here!

Choosing a Neighborhood That Will Mature Well

How to Utilize Your Homebuilder’s Expertise: Beyond Basic Questions

Can You Really Reach an Agreement That’s Perfect for You and Your Custom Home Builder?

Overspending Your Homebuilding Budget and What To Do About It

Where to Spend Your Money on a Custom Home

Pennsylvania Water Parks: They’re Not Just For Summer Anymore!

Why Use a RESNET®-Registered Contractor?

Fall Foliage and Winter Wonderland: Enjoying Life in the Poconos

Place/Plan/People/Price: The Four “Ps” of Custom Homebuilding—and Why They Matter For Your Poconos Home

Choosing the Right Sized Poconos-area Home. How Big Is Big Enough?

10 Questions to Ask to Get the Real Scoop on a Builder You’re Considering

Planning Your Poconos Home: Build for Now or For the Future?

Fall: When Entertaining Moves Indoors

Customization or Changes: What’s the Difference?

Where Should You Spend Your Money When Building a New Home?

Looking for Something Different To Do This September? Check Out These Great Poconos Activities!

Get Away to Thornhurst Township

The McCormick: Where Style, Comfort, and Flexibility Come Together

Using Your Floor Plan to Plan Your Poconos Home

Love to Visit the Poconos? What About Living Here?

Tech Trend Considerations for Your Poconos Home

“You Are Free to Move About Your Home!”

Getting What You Want From Your New Home: What Are the Most Important Features?

How To Build a Home You’ll Love 20 Years from Now

Location, Location, Location! Where Do You Want to Live?

Does Building a New Home Really Make More Sense Than Buying an Existing Home?

Is ‘All Natural’ Always Better? Why You May Want to Consider Engineered Hardwood Floors

Counter Intuitive: Choosing the Right Counter Materials for Your New Poconos Home

The Importance of a “Flexible” Builder

A Place for All Seasons?

Appraisals: What Is Your New Home Really Worth?

Water, Water Everywhere: Check Out the Great Poconos Waterparks!

Building a Custom Home Within Your Reach

Change Orders: Why Changes During the Construction Phase Cost More

4 Ways to Make a Great Room Really Great

Which Kitchen Features Will Make the Biggest Impact in Your Poconos Home?

Mastering the Master Suite—What Makes It Special?

How Much Space Do You Really Need? Building a Home For Now and Later.

Does Your New Poconos Master Bathroom Really Have to Be a BATH Room?

5 Ways to Deck Out The Deck of Your Poconos Home

Building a Home For More Than One Family

It’s NASCAR Season Again at The “Tricky Triangle!”

Top 10 Reasons to Live in Pennsylvania

Can Rustic and Contemporary Co-Exist?

There’s Always Something New Cooking in New Custom Kitchens

Controlling Your Second Biggest Home Expense

5 Reasons Why Building in the Poconos May Make Sense for You.

Live Like a King or Queen In Camelot Forest!

Trans-generational Homes: Design with the Future in Mind

5 Ways to Keep Your Poconos Home Cool this Summer

Tub or Shower? Which is the Right Choice for You?

The Very Visible Kitchen

Keeping the Poconos Green: Where Is “Green Building” Headed?

Designing Your Poconos Home: Is It a Trend or a Fad?

Bigger, Better, and Wetter: Check Out “The Best Indoor Water Park in the World!

Personalizing Your Kitchen: What Are the Touches That Will Make It Yours?

Technology Trends You May Want Included in Your Poconos Custom Home

What If “Plan A” Isn’t Right For You? Floor Plans for Different Poconos Custom Home Needs

Our Floor Plans: What You Need to Know

How to Set up the Perfect Living Room/Family Room in Your Poconos Home

Off-the-Grid Electricity for a Self-Sustaining Home in PA?

What Sets Liberty Homes Apart from Other Home Builders

5 Design Trends That No Longer Make the Grade for Your Poconos Home

Experience Africa in the Poconos

Memorial Day’s Pennsylvania Connection

Enjoy Life in the Poconos with The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Could The Arden Be Your Perfect Poconos Home?

How to Prepare Your Poconos Lawn for Summer

Poconos Hospitality: Tips for Entertaining Guests in your Home

Choosing the Best Flooring for Your New PA Home

8 Steps to Successful Poconos Custom Homebuilding

Which Home Loan is Right for Your New Poconos Home?

Lake Naomi: A Place to Get Away and Build Lasting Memories

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area: An Exceptional Poconos Experience!

6 Things to Consider When Positioning Your New Home in the Poconos

Single Level Living Convenience With a Bonus

Explore the Great Indoors in the Poconos at Great Wolf Lodge Water Park.

Poconos Floor Plans: Walking Through a House That Hasn’t Been Built Yet

9 Things You Never Knew You’d Need to Know about Buying a Lot in the Poconos

Community of Interest: Thornhurst Township

What Lot is Best for Your New Home?

Best Canoeing Spots in the Poconos

4 Poconos Farmer's Markets You Need to Check Out!

Higher Education Opportunities Close to Home in the Poconos

Waterfall Walks And More in the Poconos

Resorts and B&Bs to Check Out for a Stay in the Poconos

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees? Landscaping for Poconos Homes

Does a Poconos House Have to Be “Rustic”?

Get Away or Stay For Good in This Versatile Poconos Home

So You Think You Know Pennsylvania?

What’s There to Do in the Poconos? Plenty!

Home is Where the Heart is—and in Your Poconos Home, That’s the Kitchen!

Turn Your Pennsylvania Living Room into the Ultimate March Madness Zone

A Room with a View: Why the Location of Your Next Poconos Home Matters

There’s No Need to Fear Building a “Custom” Home

4 Clutter-Busters for Your Poconos Home

Spring Ahead: Why Now is a Great Time to Start Looking for Your New Poconos Home

Get Inspired: 3 Home Design Sites We Love!

8 Things to Know About the Poconos Before You Move

Valentine's Day: 5 Things You Can Do Around Your Poconos House to Make Someone Feel Loved

7 Cool Home Automation Products

3 Ways to Prevent Winter Plumbing Problems in Your Poconos Home

Location Matters: Why Where You Build in the Poconos Makes a Difference

4 Shades of Green: How to Use Less Energy and Save on Utilities

Only in the Poconos

Balancing the Benefits of a New Poconos Home with the Challenge of Selling Your Existing Home

Getting Your Poconos Home Ready for Super Bowl Sunday

9 Things You Should Do to Maintain Your Poconos Home

It May Be Cold Outside (But It’s the Perfect Time to Start Your New Home Search)

4 Reasons You Should Attend the Greater Philadelphia Home Show

5 Tips for New Home Buyers in the Poconos

6 Questions to Answer When Choosing a Poconos Floor Plan

The Color Dilemma: Choosing the Best Color Scheme for Your Pennsylvania Home

Permanent Vacation: 9 Reasons Why You Should Live in the Poconos

How to Finance Your Dream Home in the Poconos and Avoid Pitfalls

Best Holiday Shopping Locations in the Poconos

How to Choose the Perfect Lot for Your Poconos Custom Home

3 Things You Need to Know Before Building a Home in the Poconos

5 Tips to Cut Your Pennsylvania Home's Energy Costs this Winter

How to Determine Which Room in Your New Poconos Home is the Most Important

What to Know About Poconos Ski Resorts: More Than Just Skiing

One Story vs. Two Story Homes in the Poconos – Which One Wins?

Why Any Time Is a Good Time to Visit the Poconos (and Who Says So)

What Makes for a Quality Custom Homebuilder in the Poconos?

Where Are Poconos Home Prices Heading?

3 Reasons You Should Think About Energy Efficiency for Your New Home in the Poconos

What is the HERS Index and Why Does it Matter for my Poconos Home?

How To Find a Lakefront Lot for Sale in the Poconos

How Much Candy Do We Eat on Halloween

Building a New Home vs. Buying Existing in the Poconos

How To Select a Poconos Custom Home Builder in 5 Easy Steps

Builder Confidence Hits Highest Level Since November of 2005

How Social Media is Revolutionizing Home Décor

Where Will You Build Your Vacation Home?

Why Owning a Home is Better than Renting


The Simple Staging Guide for Home Décor

2015 International Builders’ Show Registration Opens

The Ultimate Granite Buyer’s Guide

Featured Floor Plan

The Ultimate Granite Buyer’s Guide

Featured Home - Lakewood

How to Paint a Home

Buying vs Renting your Home

The History of House Plans

NAHB Revamps its Green Awards for 2014

50 Ways Your Home Could Save The Planet

See us at at Greater Philadelphia Fall Home Show

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: The Cartwright

Acting Green vs Buying Green

Featured Location: Thornhurst Estates of PA

Take Back Your Time

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: The Jellico

Living Room Layout Guide

Builder Confidence Surpasses Key Benchmark in July

Paint or Wallpaper: Choosing the Right One

Arrowhead Lakes

All About Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Vacation Homes in the Poconos

The Benefits of a Vacation

Log Homes Council Members Celebrate National Log Home Open House Month in July

Happy 4th of July

Featured Home: Tanglewood

Get Out of Town: The Benefits of a Vacation

Strong Growth in Multifamily Construction Spending

11 Brilliant Home Improvement Investments

Featured Home Floor Plan: Baldwin

Why Build Green

Bamboo Flooring

Featured Floor Plan: The Liberty Hill

Featured Design - Tahoe

Five Renovations That Add Value to Your Home

Latest Trends in Kitchen Design

Spring Cleaning to Improve Energy Efficiency

Moving Made Easy

ASHRAE Joins NAHB and ICC to Develop New National Green Building Standard

Eco Friendly Flooring Options

Top Trends in Bedroom Design

How To Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Building Your Dream Vacation Home in Towamensing Trails

Benefits of Going Green

Featured Home Floor Plan: The Arden

Home Decor Trends for 2014

Why are New Homes Getting so Big?

Create A Rainbow And Reap The Benefits of A Good Mood

Featured Floor Plan: The Samuel

6 Happy Home Decor Resolutions to Boost Your Mood

Featured Floor Plan: The Willowbrook

How to Choose the Right Painting for the Rooms in your Home

NAHB Announces Best of 50+ Housing Award Winners

See us at the Pocono Home & Outdoor Living Show

Square Foot Gardening

Home Automation Energy Savings Tips

Top Trending Design Ideas for the Bathroom

Green Home Building Continues to Climb, Valued at $36 Billion in 2013

Home and Garden Shows in PA Spring 2014

Romantic Ideas You Can Do At Home Infographic

Top Design Trends in the Kitchen

The Living Room of the Future

Builder Confidence in the 55+ Housing Market Ends Fourth Quarter on a Record High

6 Brilliant Ways to Cut Energy Bills

Featured PA Vacation Home Floor Plan for Sale: Liberty Hill

Which Home Renovations Have The Best ROI

Featured Vacation Property Floor Plan for Sale: The Jellico

Helpful Kitchen Design Tips

Where Will You Build Your Vacation Home?

NAHB Announces Best of 50+ Housing Awards Finalists

The Cold isn't So Bad When You're in Front of a Roaring Fire

Are New Homes Getting Smaller?

Happy New Year!

Top New Year's Resolutions and Why You Won't Keep Them

Merry Christmas

Safe Winter Driving Tips and Tricks

Locust Lakes Village of Pocono Lake, PA

Arrowhead Lakes Estates

Ski Holiday Tips and Advice

Thornhurst Estates of PA

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ring in the Holidays with these Family Friendly Events in the Poconos

How to Set the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: Liberty Hill by Liberty Homes of PA

Preparing your Home for Winter

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: The Tahoe by Liberty Homes

Energy Savings and Home Automation

From Pools to Patios, 7 Ways to Improve Your Backyard!

Happy Halloween

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: The Jellico

2013's Kitchen Design Trends

Featured Floor Plan: The Lakewood II

The Rise of Engineered Wood Flooring

Free Home Building Resources

Liberty Homes at Bucks and Montgomery County Fall Home Show 2013

Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau Encourages Instagram Users to #TakeONPocono this Fall

Bucks & Montgomery Fall Home Show

Saving Money with Green Home Improvements

Fun Things To Do in the Poconos for Halloween

How To Build Your Green Dream Home

Featured Floor Plan: The Tanglewood by Liberty Homes

Luxury Shelter: The Practice of Building a Log Homes

Builder Confidence in the 55+ Housing Market Shows Significant Improvement in Second Quarter

Visit Us at the Bucks & Montgomery County Home Show

Which Home Renovations Provide the Best Return on the Investment?

The Aging Population of Pennsylvania

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home

How Social Media is Revolutionizing Home Decor

See us at The Greater Philadelphia Fall Home & Hot Tub Show

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: The Jellico by Liberty Homes of the Poconos

How to Make the Most of Your Investment in Outdoor Living Space

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: The Jamestown by Liberty Homes

7 Ways to Save Energy & Stay Cool this Summer

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: The Samuel

Which Shower is the Best for your Home?

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: The Arden

Setting the Record Straight on the Mortgage Interest Deduction

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: The Tahoe

What Does it Mean to be Eco Friendly?

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: The Lakewood

How Going Green Helps

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: The Hillside

Summer Fun Facts

Another Reason to Build New in the Poconos

Poconos Home Addition Project: Before and After

Featured Vacation Home Floor Plan: The Cartwright

Happy 4th of July

Baldwin Floor Plan by Liberty Homes of PA

12th Annual American Freedom Festival at Dansbury Park

Hawthorne Vacation Home Floor Plan

Have a SuStaynable Vacation

Pocono Mountains Bluegrass Festival

Planning a Family Vacation

The Pocono Mountains Offers A Place To Cool Off This Summer

What to Read During Summer Vacation

Arden Floor Plan

Benefits of a Vacation in The Poconos of Northeast PA

Vacation Home in Hazleton, PA

Avoid These 8 Home Design Mistakes

Dreaming of a Vacation this Summer?

Woodloch Pines Resort Draws Bulls-Eye for Family Travel: New Archery Program and More Launch at Award-Winning Pocono Vacation Destination

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