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Poconos Custom Home Blog

How to Prepare My Poconos Home for Spring

Posted by John Holahan on Mar 6, 2019 11:38:33 AM

Igor Stravinski’s Rite of Spring almost caused a riot when it was first performed in Paris in 1913. It simply wasn’t what people were used to when they went to the opera. There’s another “rite of spring” that most of us are familiar with when it comes to springtime in our homes—and we pretty much know what to expect! Many of us perform the yearly ritual of Spring Cleaning after a long and cold winter. And while it’s an important thing to do (and by the way, here’s “The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist” to help you out), there are other spring tasks that are equally important to protect our homes after a long winter. Here’s a look at “How to prepare my Poconos home for spring.”

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Topics: Spring, Poconos Homes, Spring in the Poconos

8 Tips for Preparing Your Poconos Home for the Vacation Season

Posted by John Holahan on Jun 12, 2018 7:00:00 AM

If you have a vacation home in the Poconos that hasn’t been in use for a while, there are probably a few things you’ll want to do to get it ready for use. And whether you plan to rent out your home to others—or occupy it yourself—here are 8 tips for preparing your Poconos home for the vacation season. By the way, if you’ve only thought about having a vacation home in the Poconos, here’s a look at some of the reasons it might make sense.

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Topics: Poconos Vacation Homes, Poconos Vacations, Poconos Homes, Summer in the Poconos

Furniture Ideas for Your New Poconos Home

Posted by John Holahan on May 2, 2018 7:00:00 AM

You've probably heard the old adage that, "Clothes make the man." What a person wears tends to make a statement about that person and accentuates his or her personality and style. To some degree, your furniture does the same thing with your home. We’ve talked before about what gives a home a “Poconos style.” And while the architecture certainly plays a significant role, the furniture you choose for inside your home plays a big part in setting the style as well. Let's look at some furniture ideas for your new Poconos home.

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Topics: Furniture, Home Decorating, New Homes in the Poconos, Poconos Homes

How to Prepare Your Poconos Home for Spring Rain

Posted by John Holahan on Apr 24, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Many of us grew up reciting the old rhyme: “April showers bring May flowers.” It was a gentle reminder that the leaden skies of early spring actually bring hidden benefits and make places such as the Poconos a beautiful place to explore and live. For instance, all that water makes the Poconos region a great place to enjoy water sports. But those rains can also bring other less desirable results for unsuspecting homeowners. Here are some tips for preparing your Poconos home for spring rain.

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Topics: home maintenance, Poconos Homes

How to Care for a New Home You Just Moved Into

Posted by John Holahan on Mar 23, 2018 7:00:00 AM

There’s something special about moving into a brand new home that nobody has ever lived in before. Everything looks great, works great, and feels great. So how can you keep everything looking like new? Here are a few tips on how to care for a new home you just moved into.

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Topics: home maintenance, New Homes in the Poconos, Poconos Homes

10 Amazing Photos of Homes in the Poconos

Posted by John Holahan on Dec 1, 2017 7:00:00 AM

What image comes to mind when you think of building a new home in the Poconos? For some, the area evokes memories of traditional, rustic, woodsy homes such as the one you see here. But what if you don't see yourself as a "log cabin" kind of family (although, to call this gorgeous home a "cabin" falls far short of the mark)? The good news is you'll find all kinds of home styles in the Poconos. Click here to check out the wide variety of styles and floor plans we offer at Liberty Homes.

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Topics: Poconos New Homes, Liberty Homes, Poconos Lifestyle, Poconos Living, Poconos Homes

3 Different Types of Poconos Homes: Which One is Right for You

Posted by John Holahan on Jun 17, 2017 7:00:00 AM

If you’ve been toying with the idea of building a new home in the Poconos, there are three options you may want to consider. I’m not talking about three different styles of home (at Liberty Homes, we offer a lot more than just three kinds of floor plans. Click here to see for yourself!). I’m talking about three different ways you can use your new home.

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Topics: Poconos investment property, Building a Home in the Poconos, Poconos Rental Property, Poconos Homes

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