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How to Match a Floor Plan with Your Home Goals

Posted by John Holahan on Jul 8, 2019 9:10:00 AM

How-to-Match-a-Floor-Plan-with-Your-Home-GoalsWhen you begin dreaming about building a new home in the Poconos, you may have a mental image of how your house will look. Your vision may include a particular style, color, or exterior treatment. You may even have color schemes in mind for the interior. Maybe you’ve even considered specific features for your kitchen. All of those things are important, but one of the most critical things to do when planning your home is to make sure you match a floor plan with your home goals.

More Than Just Looking Good

You want your home to do more than just look good. You want it to be comfortable and convenient. You want it to feel good . . . and you want it to do that for a long time. That’s what we’re talking about when we talk about having home goals. That means choosing a floor plan that fits your lifestyle. The layout of your home should match the way you live—whether that’s entertaining, enjoying quiet evenings at home, gourmet cooking, or having a home where the grandkids can come visit. Here’s a helpful article that helps you figure out your “home personality,” and provides insight for choosing the right floor plan to match that personality.

Think in Terms of Time and Space

If you want to ensure that you’ll continue to be delighted with your new home, you’ll want to consider both of these elements as you choose your floor plan. Let’s take a closer look at each of these elements.


You’ll want to make sure you have adequate space to do the things you like to do. If you enjoy entertaining, a small kitchen and family room really won’t meet your needs when you want to have friends and family over. If you have a young, growing family, a smaller two-bedroom home may be sufficient for a while, but you’re probably going to need more space before long. How much space do you really want and need? And how much space will you need in the future? Are you allowing space for hobbies or storage? The things that make up your lifestyle should influence the kind of floor plan you choose.


How long do you plan to stay in your home? What will the home feel like years from now? Are you planning to retire in the home you’re building? One thing to consider is that your needs may change as you mature. That’s why what matters most in your Poconos home changes with age. If you plan to stay in your home for a longer period of time, you’ll want to choose a floor plan that allows you to remain in your home comfortably and safely. That may mean building a home that allows for single-level living as you get older. A post we did recently discusses: What is Aging-in-Place and Why It Matters for You.


Different floor plans (and different sizes of homes) have different costs. That’s important when choosing a floor plan as well. In addition to feeling physically comfortable, you’ll also want to feel financially comfortable with the plan you’ve chosen.


The good news is that Liberty Homes offers more than a dozen different floor plans that match a variety of different lifestyles. Click here to take a look at home floor plans for vacation, retirement, or permanent living in the Poconos.


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