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The Essential Guide to Fall in the Poconos

Posted by John Holahan on Sep 7, 2017 8:34:42 AM

The-Essential-Guide-to-Fall-in-the-Poconos.jpgWhile it’s true that living in the Poconos is great all year long, it’s hard to ignore autumn’s special appeal. The weather is great. The colors are spectacular. The pace is just a little slower. It’s simply delightful.

With that in mind, here’s a guide to some of the many things and places you can enjoy in the Poconos this fall.

Leaves, Vines, and Skis

Part of what makes the Poconos such a great destination in the fall (in addition to being a great place to live year-round) is that there are more than 125 different species of trees and plant life that provide the canvas for the fall’s color show. But gazing at the fantastic colors all around you isn’t all that fall in the Poconos has to offer. You can add a dash of interest to your annual viewing of the changing of the colors. Fall is also harvest time, and in the Poconos, that includes the harvesting of grapes! There are some fantastic vineyards and wineries in the area. Here’s an article that includes suggestions for both great leaf viewing and visits to local vineyards. That’s “multi-tasking” at its very best!

Festivals, Foliage, and More

It’s pretty much a given that the annual viewing of the turning of the leaves is going to be spectacular in the Poconos region. In an area that hosts so many rivers, lakes, and forested acres (with so many varieties of trees and plants), it’s hard to find a place that isn’t beautiful this time of year. But there is much more to the area that simply “leaf-peeping.” There are festivals, Oktoberfest celebrations, and unusual events happening all over the Poconos. Here’s a post that highlights some of those things—and even offers a suggestion for crossing something off of your “Bucket List” in the Poconos!

Chasing the Changing Leaves

A lot of people just can’t get enough of watching the brightly blazing foliage around the area. But as is the case with so many things in life, timing is everything. We’ve all had that experience of arriving somewhere to take in spectacular views, only to hear: “Oh! You should have been here last week. Things were spectacular!”  Here’s a post that can help you nail down the best times and places to see the best foliage. Now, we all know that Mother Nature can be a bit fickle—and changeable—but knowing the best probable times and places to go can at least increase your odds of enjoying a spectacular show.

Wet & Wild Indoor Fun

Whether you have younger children or grandchildren, chances are you’re always on the lookout for fun things to do with them. So what can you do when the temperatures start to drop and some of your usual outdoor activities aren’t quite as appealing as they were in the height of summer?  Around the Poconos, it’s not that hard to find wet, wild fun indoors for younger family members. There are three major all-season water parks in the Poconos that are just as much fun in the fall (and even the winter!) as they are in the summer. Here’s an article highlighting Great Wolf Lodge, Kalahari Resorts, and Camelbeach Mountain Water Park.

Don’t Just Talk About History—Experience It!

If you have school-aged children or grandchildren, you may occasionally hear about how “boring” history is. That all changes when kids get to see, touch, and feel history for themselves. That’s why a trip to a place such as Jim Thorpe can be so rewarding. Instead of just telling kids about “the old days” you can give them a chance to see it for themselves. Don’t tell them about how much they’ll learn—let them discover that for themselves at places like the Asa Packer Mansion Museum. They’ll see a world that they never knew existed—right where they live!

Get on Your Bike and Ride!

Bike riding is a great Poconos activity for the fall. While some outdoor activities may be curtailed a bit as the mercury starts to drop, biking is still something you can enjoy. In addition to seeing great scenery, you (and the rest of your family) can get a great workout that’s actually fun. Here’s a look at a few of the biking trips you can plan—including the spectacular Moonlight Biking Trip—in the Poconos. There are other options available to you as well. Here’s a look at the calendar of events for September from Pocono Biking. But you don’t have to stop there. There are events schedules for later in the year as well.

Shifting Things Indoors

As the fall season wears on, you’ll eventually move more of your activities indoors. Whether that means cozy gatherings with friends, family, and neighbors around the fireplace, or watching football in the family room, you’ll want to have a comfortable place to entertain. Here’s a look at some things to consider with entertaining moves indoors for the season.

The Poconos region really is a place for all seasons. There are lots of activities and interesting things to do in the area—no matter what time of year it is. We’d love to help you create a home that you’ll enjoy no matter what time of year it is. And if you’re considering building in the area, I’d encourage you to download our free Guide to Building a Custom Home in the Poconos that will help you discover How to Budget for a Custom Home; How to find the right home site; How to select the right builders and designers; How to create the ideal floor plan; how to design your indoor and outdoor living spaces; and more.

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