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Fireplace Options: Is Wood or Natural Gas a Better Fit for Your Poconos Home?

Posted by John Holahan on Jul 6, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Fireplace-options-Is-Wood-or-Natural-Gas-a-Better-Fit-for-Your-Poconos-Home__.jpgThere is perhaps no single element that influences the look and feel of a family room or living room as much as a fireplace. A fireplace provides a strong focal point for a room and exudes warmth (both visually and physically). It invites intimacy and conversation.

A fireplace also evokes a certain rustic feel that fits so well in an area like the Poconos, where you’re surrounded by natural beauty. Plus – as any realtor will tell you – should you ever find yourself wanting to sell your home, having a nice fireplace almost always makes showing the house easier.

If you decide to include a fireplace in your new Poconos home, however, you’ll have some choices about which kind of fireplace makes the most sense: wood-burning or natural gas. Both have their advantages, and your choice will likely come down to your personal preference.

There are some who simply love the idea of a wood-burning fireplace. For them, it’s all about the appearance of a real fire, coupled with the sounds and smells of crackling wood. While traditional wood fireplaces used to be terribly inneficient (not to mention significant sources of pollultion), today’s fireplaces and inserts are much more efficient and actually heat your living room rather than sending the warm air right up the chimney. They also burn the wood much more completely—resulting in far less pollution.

On the other hand, natural gas fireplaces have become very popular because of their convenience. Today’s gas fireplaces look like conventional wood-buring units, so they’re pleasing to the eye. But what some homeowners really appreciate is their convenience. Even on a cool and rainy spring or summer day, you can instantly have a fire that takes the chill off and brightens the mood in the room. Or if you want to spend a few romantic moments in front of the fire, you don’t have to wait. There’s no need to go out to get firewood. You simply turn the fire on, and when you’re done, you turn it off. There’s no preparation and no clean-up. And you don’t have to worry about the fire once you leave the room. On top of that, today’s efficient gas fireplaces consume very little energy.

It’s hard to beat the warmth and ambience of a fire in a new Poconos home—whether you choose a new wood-burning unit or a modern gas fireplace. It’s a feature you can enjoy for years and one that will hold its appeal for future owners should you ever decide to sell.


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