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What Are the Best New Home Features for a Poconos Home?

Posted by John Holahan on Oct 21, 2018 7:00:00 AM

What Are the Best New Home Features for a Poconos Home?You’ll have lots of choices when you decide to build a new home in the Poconos. Obviously, you'll want to consider your exact location and the style of home you want. You'll also want to think about what size home is the best fit for your needs. Beyond those essentials, however, what are the best new home features for a Poconos home?

A Home for All Seasons

When considering features for a new home you’ll want to look at things that make your home comfortable and convenient throughout the year. The Poconos region really is a place for all seasons, so let's take a look at some features that will add to your comfort and enjoyment at various times of the year.

Spring and Summer Enjoyment

Great views and unspoiled nature are things that draw people to the Poconos. And while there are plenty of parks and waterways to enjoy in the area, many residents love the fact that they can enjoy the outdoor beauty without ever leaving their homes. For some, that may mean having a front porch that allows them to relax with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning—or enjoy a drink in the evening. Many of our floor plans (such as the Cartwright) feature front porches that allow you to do that.

Other area residents love having a deck behind the house where they can relax with friends and family, or enjoy a meal al fresco. Depending on your budget (and your love of outdoor grilling) you might even want to consider an outdoor kitchen that lets you pursue your passion.

Fall and Winter Comfort

When the weather turns cold and the snow sets in, there’s nothing quite as welcoming and comforting as a fire in the fireplace. Of course, you'll have options as to what kind of fireplace you want to install. Here’s a post that helps you sort out the pros and cons of wood burning or natural gas fireplaces.

You’ll also want to think about your vehicles during the colder months. Having an attached garage for your car(s) can eliminate window scraping and having to you’re your car up before driving. Garages are great for extra storage, too! Here’s a post that shows some ideas for garage storage (and other great storage suggestions).

Year-Round Comfort and Convenience

There are some features in your home that may sound a bit boring—but deliver comfort year-round. Insulation and energy-efficiency may not strike you as glamorous, but the comfort they supply are things you’ll really appreciate. As a RESNET®-registered contractor, we're trained and equipped to ensure that your home keeps you cool in the hot summer months and warm during the cold winter months. And we'll build your home so that it does that in a cost-effective way.

Homes today offer technological features that make living more convenient, safer, and simply more enjoyable. Homebuilders and homebuyers have been talking about “Smart Homes” for years, but as home technology has gotten better (more robust and easier to use) it just makes more sense to build it into your home. Here’s a look at some of the smart features you can build into your new Poconos home.

You'll still want to pay attention to the finishes and materials that will express your individual style. But don't overlook the fundamental features that will make your home a place you'll love to be at any time of year!

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