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4 Tips for Building A Poconos Home You’ll Love

Posted by Liberty Homes on Oct 19, 2016 7:00:00 AM

4-Tips-for-Building-Your-Forever-Home.jpgWhat makes the difference between just building a home and building a home that you really love? What are the things that really matter—that will really make you feel at home in your new house? Here are a few tips about things to pay attention to when planning your home so that you’ll love it when you move in—and for years down the road.

1. Take Time to Do Your Homework

The reason people choose to build a custom home—whether it’s in the Poconos or elsewhere—is to ensure that they get the home they really want. That’s not something you should rush. Identify the features in your new home that really matter to you. You may even want to make a physical list of things that are essentials, “nice-to-have” features, and “if money were no object” features. Then give yourself time to do your homework to find out what’s involved in including those things in your home. Of course you’ll want to consider the budget—but also which builder will be able to deliver exactly what you want. Here’s a post that talks about how to gather that kind of information—without being overwhelmed by it

2. Choose the Right Size Home

One of the big decisions you’ll face is just how much space you really need. Homeowners can err on both sides of this choice. Choose a home plan that’s too large and you can find yourself strapped for cash. Choose a plan that’s too small, and you may soon outgrow the home you build. Unfortunately, the cost to add space after the home is complete is usually higher than it would have been to allow more space to begin with. It’s a bit of a balancing act, but keep future needs in mind when choosing.

3. Choose the Right Design for Your Home

Picking up on the last point, the right size isn’t just about square footage. You’ll want to pick a home that’s designed to fit the way you live. That not only matters when looking at individual room size, but also when you’re considering how the rooms (both private and common rooms) are arranged. Here again, it’s also important to keep your future needs in mind as you consider design.

4. Pay Close Attention to the Rooms You Use Most

Not all rooms are created equal. As you plan your home you’ll want to pay particular attention to the ones you use the most, and include features and elements that will allow you to enjoy them. Here’s the thing: This will vary from individual to individual. For some people it’s the kitchen. For others it could be the bedroom. Only you know what rooms will matter most for you. Here’s an article that talks about how to determine which rooms are the most important for you.

A lot of the most important work you can do in the homebuilding process happens before the contract is signed and the hammers and saws come out. Give yourself the gift of time to think through what you really want. Then make sure you find a builder who will listen to your ideas and who has the expertise and experience to deliver a home you’ll love for years to come.


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