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Poconos Custom Home Blog

Why People Are Moving to the Poconos from New York and Philadelphia

Posted by John Holahan on Apr 1, 2019 9:23:00 AM

Large metropolitan areas such as New York and Philadelphia have a lot to offer. They have an abundance of culture, great shopping, fine dining, and nightlife. Plus they offer amenities that can be hard to come by in smaller, more remote areas.  And yet, increasing numbers of urban dwellers are opting to escape to the Poconos periodically for skiing in the winter or outdoor activities at other times of the year. A significant number of city dwellers, however, are taking things a few steps further. Some are purchasing vacation homes in the area that allow them to stay longer when they want. Others are moving to the region permanently—either to retire or simply to enjoy a different lifestyle. Here’s a look at why people are moving to the Poconos from New York and Philadelphia.

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Topics: New York City, Pocono Mountains, Philadelphia, Moving to the Poconos, Living in the Poconos

8 Beautiful Photos of the Poconos

Posted by John Holahan on Jan 27, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Sometimes the best way to describe what it's like to live the Poconos is not to describe it at all—but to simply let you see things for yourself. Here are eight beautiful photos of the area that pretty much tell their own stories.

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Topics: Poconos Lifestyle, Living in the Poconos, Photos of the Poconos, Poconos Photos

Why the Poconos May Be the Perfect Place to Retire or Build a Vacation Home

Posted by John Holahan on Dec 15, 2017 7:00:00 AM

It seems that certain areas are ideal for certain pursuits. If you want great live theater and fine dining, it's hard to beat New York City. If you're looking for a connection to early American history (and some fantastic cheese steak sandwiches), Philadelphia is a great place to go. When it comes to finding a place to build a vacation home or a home for your retirement, the Poconos may just be the perfect place.

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Topics: Liberty Homes, Poconos Vacation Homes, Retiring in the Poconos, Living in the Poconos, Poconos Living

Pros and Cons of Lakefront Property in the Poconos

Posted by John Holahan on Aug 24, 2017 9:58:00 AM

For many people, the Poconos region is synonymous with woods and water. That's not surprising when you consider that the area is home to 19 beautiful waterfalls, almost 200 miles of rivers, and 150 lakes. It's a great area to explore and here’s a post that takes a look at some of the great waterfall hikes in the area. But what about actually living near the water? What are the pros and cons of lakefront property in the Poconos?

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Topics: Liberty Homes, Lakes in the Poconos, Arrowhead Lake, Lake Naomi, Living in the Poconos

The Biggest Regrets Homeowners Have and How to Make Sure You Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

Posted by John Holahan on Aug 19, 2017 12:46:00 AM

There are plenty of good reasons why building a home in the Poconos can be a great idea. Here’s a look at 7 reasons the Poconos are a fantastic place for a first home, a vacation getaway, or a retirement destination. On top of that, building a home here can be a great investment. Still, building a home requires some forethought and planning in order to end up with a home you’ll really love. Here’s a quick look at some of the biggest regrets homeowners have after buying or building a new home. We’re sharing them so that you can make sure you don’t make the same mistakes!

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Topics: Poconos Home Builders, Building a New Home in the Poconos, Living in the Poconos, Homeowner Regrets

Poconos Neighborhood Spotlight: Camelot Forest

Posted by John Holahan on Jul 13, 2017 11:02:00 AM

Hearing the name Camelot Forest may conjure up images of King Arthur, Lady Guinevere, Sir Lancelot, and the rest of the Knights of the Round Table. It’s a fairly safe bet, however, that Arthur—in all of his splendor—was never as comfortable in his Camelot as the residents of Camelot Forest in the Poconos. Camelot Forest is just one of the areas where Liberty Homes builds comfortable and inviting homes for vacationing, retirement living, or year-round family living.

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Topics: Poconos Neighborhoods, great Poconos small towns, Living in the Poconos, Camelot Forest

Why You Should Invest in the Poconos

Posted by John Holahan on Jun 30, 2017 7:00:00 AM

When people think about investing, they tend to think in terms of ROI (Return on Investment) and about when they’ll actually see that return. That’s smart, but there are some kinds of investments that pay additional dividends that can’t be measured financially. Those who consider investing a Poconos home really need to do both. Let’s take a look at why perhaps you should invest in the Poconos.

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Topics: surprising Poconos facts, Poconos investment property, Living in the Poconos, Poconos Trends

Top 7 Reasons to Live in the Poconos

Posted by John Holahan on Jun 26, 2017 7:00:00 AM

A lot of people think of the Poconos Mountains region as a nice place to visit. In fact, according to the Poconos Mountains Visitors Bureau, almost 24 million people visit the area every year! Some people have discovered that—while visiting is nice—actually living in the Poconos is even better! What is it that attracts people to the area?

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Topics: Poconos Lifestyle, Living in the Poconos, Poconos Living

Commuting from the Poconos – What Cities Are Accessible

Posted by John Holahan on Jun 14, 2017 7:00:00 AM

When most people think of life in the Poconos they think about a place where they can get away from it all and enjoy the adventures of living in a less urban area. There are times, however, when Poconos residents do need to get to surrounding towns and cities—for work, for visiting families, or for other reasons.  The good news is that you can get there from here . . . and to be honest, it doesn’t take all that long.

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Topics: Poconos New Homes, Poconos Lifestyle, Living in the Poconos, Commuting in the Poconos

A Guide to Poconos Schools

Posted by John Holahan on Jun 5, 2017 7:00:00 AM

If you have school-aged children and are thinking about building a new home in the Poconos, there’s little doubt that the schools in the area will be high on your list of important considerations. Here’s a guide to Poconos schools that will provide you with some of the essential information you’ll need to know.

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Topics: Family, Living in the Poconos, Poconos Education, Poconos Schools

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