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Poconos Custom Home Blog

Controlling Your Second Biggest Home Expense

Posted by John Holahan on Jul 3, 2015 7:02:00 AM

Most homeowners have no problem identifying the single biggest home expense they have: It’s their mortgage. According to The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET®) the second highest cost of home ownership today is energy. That’s why people building homes in the Poconos (or anywhere else for that matter) are paying much more attention to building energy efficient homes. 

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Topics: Buying A Green Home, Building an Energy Efficient Home, Building a New Home in the Poconos

5 Tips to Cut Your Pennsylvania Home's Energy Costs this Winter

Posted by John Holahan on Dec 5, 2014 12:05:42 PM

There’s a lot of things to like about winter in the Poconos—but higher energy costs isn’t one of them. And as sure as the temperature heads down this time of year, the cost of your utility bill will go up.

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Topics: Poconos Remodeling, Air conditioning, Building an Energy Efficient Home, Climate Control, Winter Energy Savings

Increasing Energy Efficiency in a Home Dramatically Lowers Energy Bills

Posted by Liberty Homes on Mar 19, 2013 6:21:20 AM

This is a press release from The Pennsylvania Builders Association from last July but it highlights what we have long known -- that energy efficient homes are much more fiscally efficient than homes that don't take advantage of energy saving technology.

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Topics: PA Builders Association, Energy Efficient Homes, Lower Energy Bills, Building an Energy Efficient Home

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