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John Holahan

Recent Posts

What is the Cost of Building a Home in the Poconos?

Posted by John Holahan on Feb 1, 2020 9:04:00 AM

We’ve been building custom homes for more than 35 years, and without question, the one question we’ve probably been asked more than any other is, “What is it going to cost to build a home in the Poconos?” You know what? We really don’t mind that question at all! As a homeowner, you have to ask that question. It would be foolish not to do so.

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Topics: Poconos Custom Home Design, Poconos Homes

What Is RESNET® and Why Does It Matter?

Posted by John Holahan on Jan 27, 2020 12:30:00 PM

Sometimes buying a new home feels a little bit like a big bowl of alphabet soup. You’re exposed to acronyms that you don’t run into anywhere else. You have to deal with PITI (Principle/Interest/Taxes/Insurance) on your mortgage loan. You may find yourself comparing HVAC (Heating Venting Air Conditioning) systems. In a lot of cases, you’ll find yourself in a relationship with an HOA (Home Owners Association). There’s one acronym, however, you may not be familiar with that can make a big difference when building your new Poconos home. What is RESNET® and why does it matter?

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Topics: Energy Efficiency, Poconos Homes

Should I Buy or Build a Home in the Poconos in 2020?

Posted by John Holahan on Dec 9, 2019 7:00:00 AM

The beginning of a new year often gives people pause to consider new opportunities. For some people that might include the consideration of buying or building a new home. Before you jump into a major decision like that, there are things you’ll want to evaluate—including the timing. Should you buy or build a new home in 2020? Let’s look at a few things you’ll want to think about before deciding.

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Topics: Poconos Homes

The Best Winter Getaways in Pennsylvania

Posted by John Holahan on Dec 4, 2019 7:00:00 AM

Celebrating the holidays can be a lot of fun with friends and family. But after all the activity has slowed down, you may be ready for a change of pace—and a change of scenery. The Poconos area offers a plethora of ways to recharge your mental and emotional batteries. People are increasingly recognizing that the Poconos area is a region for all seasons. But what about getting away in the middle of winter?  Here’s a look at some of the best winter getaways in the Poconos.

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Topics: Poconos Lifestyle

6 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe When You Are Away for the Holidays

Posted by John Holahan on Nov 15, 2019 7:00:00 AM

Whether your Poconos home is a vacation home or your full-time residence, there may be times when you’ll be away for longer periods of time. The approaching holiday season is one of those times when your home may be empty for days on end. A few simple precautions can help ensure that your home will be protected—even when no one is home. Here are 6 ways to keep your home safe when you are away for the holidays.

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Topics: Poconos Lifestyle

The Best 2019 - 2020 Winter / Christmas Events in the Poconos

Posted by John Holahan on Nov 11, 2019 7:00:00 AM

Many of us look forward to holiday entertaining in the Poconos. And if you’re expecting friends and family this year, here’s an article that can help you prepare your Poconos home for the holidays. Of course, not all winter activities take place at home. There are always plenty of activities to enjoy around the region—and around the state. Here’s a look at some of the best 2019-20 winter events in the Poconos.

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Topics: Poconos Lifestyle

How to Prepare My Poconos Home for Winter

Posted by John Holahan on Nov 1, 2019 7:00:00 PM

There are lots of great ways to enjoy the Poconos region in winter. But if you don’t have a warm and comfortable house to return to, that can take the edge off of your fun. As longtime Poconos builders, residents often ask about how to prepare a Poconos home for the winter. Here are a few things we suggest.

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Topics: Poconos Lifestyle

4 Ways to Achieve “Perfection” in Your New Home Build

Posted by John Holahan on Oct 9, 2019 7:00:00 AM

First of all, when it comes to building a new home, you may need to adjust your understanding of “perfection.” While we all know the tagline from Lexus— “The Unwavering Pursuit of Perfection”—nobody actually expects a car to be perfect. It’s the same with building a home. Minor imperfections are part of the building process. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than you want. You can still walk into your new home with a huge sigh of satisfaction.  With that in mind, let’s look at 4 ways to achieve “perfection” in your new home build.

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Topics: Poconos Homes

How to Get the Most Charm and Character When Building a New Home

Posted by John Holahan on Oct 5, 2019 10:58:39 AM

Your home is unlike any other building. It’s much more personal. It’s where you relax and enjoy yourself in an intimate surrounding. It’s why so many people want to build a place that exudes charm and character.  So, let’s take a look at how to get the most charm and character when building a new home.

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Topics: Poconos Homes

5 Top Features to Add When Building Your Home

Posted by John Holahan on Oct 2, 2019 7:00:00 AM

What are the most important features to include when you’re building a new home? There are plenty of design and décor experts who can tell you about the hottest new colors, fabrics, and styles. Styles come and go. Building trends, on the other hand, are a reflection of things that make a home more comfortable and convenient. Let’s look at some of the 5 top features to add when building your home.

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Topics: Poconos Homes

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