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When Building Your New Poconos Home, Are You More Interested in Cost or Value?

Posted by John Holahan on Mar 30, 2016 7:00:00 AM

When-building-your-new-Poconos-home-are-you-more-interested-in-cost-or-value.jpgSome homeowners get a little nervous when they entertain the idea of building a custom home. To them, the term custom is synonymous with higher cost. While there is some validity to that concern, there’s really a bigger question that homeowners should consider: What’s more important, cost or value?

Let’s be clear: the price you pay for your home does matter. You should set a realistic budget for your home and stick to it. But making sure you get maximum value for the money you spend is extremely important as well. That means spending your money on things that really matter. What are some of those things that matter?

  • Your Location: You’ve heard real estate agents say it a hundred times: “Location, location, location.” They’re right! Where you build really does matter. Building in the right place adds value to your home and allows your home to retain value over years. You can build an expensive house in the wrong place and it just won’t hold its value.
  • Your Design: Cookie-cutter homes simply cost less to build than a home that is custom designed. Generally speaking, however, they deliver less comfort and convenience than a home that’s specifically designed to your specifications. And while we offer a wide area of floor plans from which you can choose, as the homeowner, you can modify those plans to better suit your taste and needs—whether it’s expanding room size, changing locations of windows or doors, raising the ceiling level or making some other change.
  • Materials and Craftsmanship: The materials that go into your home—and the people who install those materials—make a big difference in the quality of the result you get. This is one of those areas in building a home where, quite simply, you get what you pay for. Better materials in the hands of superior craftsmen yield a better product—and one that will last longer.

It’s also important to consider that just because you pay more doesn’t mean you’ll get more value. That’s particularly true with what some might consider “luxury” upgrades (fancy faucets, expensive trims, exotic materials, etc.). If you really want something like that in your home, if it will give you enjoyment and if it fits your budget, that’s fine. However, those kinds of upgrades don’t hold their value.  The person buying your home later may have very different tastes and may not care that you spent extra for exotic flooring in the kitchen.

Building a custom home doesn’t have to mean spending more than you want on luxury items. What it really means is investing a bit more money to end up with a home that has more comfort, convenience, quality—and lasting value.

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