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What Gives Your New Home a “Poconos Style”?

Posted by John Holahan on Jan 27, 2016 7:00:00 AM

What-gives-your-new-home-a-_Poconos_-style_.jpgIf you ask people to describe the Poconos region, you’ll get a variety of answers. Some will focus on the mountains and rolling hills. Others will talk about the trees. Some are enthralled with the rivers and lakes. You’ll hear terms such as rustic, natural, and open tossed around.

In addition to all the fun things there are to do in the area those attributes are a big reason people love living in the Poconos. But what kind of home fits in an environment like the Poconos? Should a new home that you build here have a certain “Poconos style” to it?

If you take a few minutes to glance at the home plans we offer you’ll notice that they work well with their surroundings. It’s not necessarily what you’d see if you cruised down a suburban street in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. On the other hand, these beautiful designs aren’t rustic cabins in the woods, either! These are comfortable family homes (whether your family is just the two of you or a whole houseful).

So what will give your home its own sense of “Poconos Style?” You will! The real character of a home isn’t just what it looks like from the outside. Your home should reflect your personal lifestyle—and take on your character.

If your style is to entertain a lot, you might want a home along the lines of the Arden—with a kitchen that’s open to the Great Room and offers a separate dining room for sit-down dinners. It also has two bedrooms on the upper level for overnight guests that gives them (and you) plenty of privacy.

You can still host guests in a plan like the Lakewood II, which offers two bedrooms upstairs and an open Dining Room / Living Room on the lower level. Plus, if you enjoy entertaining outdoors you’ll love the large deck that runs along the whole side of the house.

There are plenty of other plans from which you can choose. And with each of our plans, if there’s something you want to change—whether it’s the size of rooms, the height of the ceiling, the placement of the windows, or even the location of the garage door—we can do that for you. That’s what customization and personalization is all about. And that’s what lends “Poconos style” to your new home!



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