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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home

Posted by Liberty Homes on Sep 3, 2013 5:31:14 AM

Liberty Homes

Interest Rates - Interest rates are still at historic all time lows. Sure, you might have a slightly higher rate for a second home but still, with these low interest rates a second home is still a great investment.

Family Memories - You can put a price on family and spending quality time with family in a vacation home is bound to make memories that reach across generations.

Rental Property - With today's busy lifestyles sometimes we don't find the time to spend as much as we'd like at our vacation homes. Luckily there are always individuals, corporate groups and vacation trades interested in renting your vacation property for short periods of time. You can rent it out for a weekend or the whole summer. The terms are completely up to you and you can make a tidy little profit in the process.

Appreciation - Sure, the real estate market has been shaken in the last several years. Growth might not be as fast as it was a decade ago but homes still, usually, appreciate.

Retirement - Having a second home in a vacation location means your retirement can be spent kicking back with a fishing pole if you like. You can live in your vacation home and rent out your city home if you choose to keep it. You can spend half the year in your vacation spot and the other half in your first home. Having two homes means you have twice as many options.

To learn more about vacation homes, locations and floor plans please contact Liberty Homes.

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