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Our Floor Plans: What You Need to Know

Posted by John Holahan on May 30, 2015 7:17:00 AM

Our-floor-plans-what-you-need-to-knowIf you’ve ever watched any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, you’ll know that there is often a fair amount of discussion about “The Pirate Code.”  And you may recall that Captain Jack Sparrow and the others often claim that the Code is: “really more a set of guidelines . . .” 

That’s a bit what it’s like when it comes to floor plans for your home in the Poconos—at least, that’s how we look at them. Don’t get me wrong; we have a wide variety of great floor plans to fit a wide variety of tastes, needs, styles, and prices. We have single-level plans, and multi-level plans. We have plans for larger homes and more modest homes. And all of these plans are great exactly as you see them. 

We, however, are custom homebuilders. And for us, “custom” means that you as the homeowner need to have the ability to create a home that meets your specific needs and sense of style. To our way of thinking, a home isn’t really “custom” if there are 10 other homes just like yours on the same block. 

That’s where the “guidelines” theme comes into play. Floor plans are really helpful for giving you a sense of where things are in relation to one another in a house. They help you get a sense for whether you want to put the laundry room on the upper level or between the garage and the kitchen. They help you to think through whether you want all bedrooms upstairs and away from the noise of common areas—or whether you want to have everything on one level for convenience. 

The floor plans we offer are intended to provide a kind of baseline for the kind of home you want. They’re good plans, so if you like them “as is” that’s great. We’re happy to build your home to the exact specifications you see in the plan. But if you’ve seen something on Houzz, or Pinterest that you really like—and want to incorporate into your home, it’s not a problem! Or maybe you’ve visited a friend or relative and seen something that captures your imagination. That’s great! Tell us what it is and chances are that we can make it happen with one of the floor plans on our site. 

As far as we’re concerned, we can modify any of the floor plans you see to ensure that you get exactly what you want in your Poconos home. So browse away and find something that approximates what you want. Then let’s talk about how we can make that happen for you. And if you wonder if the floor plan is really right, just ask yourself” 

What would Jack Sparrow do?


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