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Does Building a New Home Really Make More Sense Than Buying an Existing Home?

Posted by John Holahan on Aug 21, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Does-building-a-new-home-really-make-more-sense-than-buying-an-existing-home_When its time for a move to a new home one of the big choices you face is whether to buy an existing home or to build a new home. Is one approach really better than the other? Does building a new home really make more sense than buying an existing home? You may be surprised to hear a homebuilder say this, but it depends on you. Lets look at three reasons you might want to buy an existing home and then three reasons why building a new home might make more sense. 

The Building Process

Building a new home doesnt happen overnight. Its a process that takes months of thinking, planning, and re-working plans. There are a lot of decisions to make throughout the process. Some people are energized by this and love the challenge. Others get tired of having to make decisions and just want to get on with life. Theres no right or wrong here: people are just different. If thinking about the process fills you with dread, you may want to avoid that and look for an existing home. 

The Wait

Even after youve made the major decisions about what floor plan you want and where your new house will be built, it still takes time to physically build the house. If youre in a situation where you need to move quickly (say a job transfer or something like that), you may not have the luxury of waiting for your house to be completed. With an existing home, you can generally move right in. 

Living in an Established Neighborhood

For some homeowners living in an established neighborhood is simply more comfortable. Everything is already in place. It feels settled. There are routines that they can fit into. If that appeals to you, moving into an area thats all new may not make you feel at home. Again, its not right or wrongits simply a matter of what feels right for you and your family.

What about the other side of the coin? Are there reasons why building a new home might make sense for you? Lets consider a few things.

Everything is New

One of the biggest advantages to building new is that everything in the house is new. There are no worn faucets or appliances. The furnace and air conditioning units are new and should run at optimal efficiency. Youre not going to have to repair or treat the deck. The stairs dont creak and the doors dont stick. Plus theres that unique feeling of being the first one to use everything. Its kind of special! 


Building a brand new home also means youre able to take advantage of newer technologies. HVAC systems, insulation, windows and doors are all manufactured using the most advanced materials and technologies. In addition to saving you money by using less energy, these newer items also provide a higher level of comfort. 

You Choose Your Neighborhood

A lot of people like the idea of making a brand new start. Youre not going to walk into a decades-old feud between neighbors. You get to shape the way your neighborhood develops. And even from an aesthetic point of view, you choose the lot youre going to build on so you have more control over your views. 


Im going to throw in a fourth point here because were custom builders. When youre building a new custom house, you have the opportunity to customize it so that it meets your specific wants and needs. Im not just talking about things like wall color or kitchen cabinets, either. Im talking about making significant changes to the design of the home. We offer more than a dozen great floor plans for the homes we build, but youre not locked into every single detail. If you want to adjust the room size, we can make that happen. Want to change the placement of the windows? We can do that. We can also move the location of your garage door or add additional space to the plan, or raise the level of your ceilings. 

Our goal is to create your perfect home! If you don't like something you see in the plan, we can fix it, alter it, or redesign it so that your home suits your needs! 

If those are the things that are important to you, then yes, building a new home probably makes more sense for you than purchasing an existing house. It all depends on you and what you want from your new home.


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