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Can Rustic and Contemporary Co-Exist?

Posted by John Holahan on Jul 7, 2015 6:41:00 AM

Can-rustic-and-contemporary-coexistMost people consider a move to the Poconos in order to escape the crush of the city. Even those who come to the Poconos area part time—as a vacation get-away—love the fact that it’s more serene, secluded, simple—and rustic. 

Maybe that describes your frame of mind as well. But does living in a more natural and rustic area mean you have to live in some turn-of-the century style home? What if your personal sense of style is a bit more modern? Can a contemporary home co-exist with a rustic and rugged environment? 

It may come as somewhat of a consolation that people building in the Poconos aren’t the only ones who face this dilemma. There’s a great post on houzz.com about a modern home in Wiltshire, England that successfully marries a bucolic and rustic environment with a very modern style home. You can read the story and check out the images here, but here are a couple of key points about pulling off this kind of “marriage.” 

Bring the Outside In: If you love the Poconos for the beautiful scenery, make every attempt to bring it into you home. If you have some fantastic views, take advantage of them with large windows. No painting or wall covering can come close to the beauty that Mother Nature provides. Plus, natural light makes almost any room feel more spacious. And these days, with the advances in window technology, you don’t have to worry about heat or cooling loss through the windows. 

Pick Up Outside Elements In Your Materials: The home featured in the houzz.com post used flooring and stairways made from wood found in the local area (in this case, sycamore). It’s one way of tying what’s inside the home to its surroundings. Another option might be to use local stone for highlight work in parts of the interior. 

The point is that you can still have a very modern home—with all the amenities that brings with it—and still feel completely part of your beautiful surroundings. We invite you to check out the many floor plans we have. But remember, these floor plans are just the beginning. Any of these plans can be customized and modified to fit your specific needs or wishes. 

So if you love the idea of living where nature is the main attraction—but you don’t want to give up on style or comfort—remember that rustic and contemporary can co-exist. We’d love to help you make that happen.

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