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Where to Build Your Home in the Poconos

Liberty Homes has been building homes in the Poconos since 1978! Over the years, we have learned the importance of location for building a new home in the Pocono Mountains. For this reason, we offer a couple options when it comes to finding land and building a home.

We Can Help You Find Land

If you want to build a new home in the Poconos and don't already own land to build on, we can help you find it! Whether you have a particular location in mind or no idea at all, we can assist you with your search. 

We Can Build on Your Lot

Whether you use us for finding land or already have a lot you want to build on, we can build there. If you have been holding onto the perfect lot and are now ready to build, contact us for more information on building where you are! If you don't have a lot, but want to use us for both finding one and building on it, we would love to help!

We Can Build in Preferred Communities

If you aren't interested in finding your own land and building on it, we build in 6 preferred communities throughout the Poconos. These communities have incredible amenities and offer great lots for your next new home!


Featured Floor Plan Designs


For more floor plans, check out our Design Library!

Property availability changes often. If you have questions about finding a specific lot or building a home in this community, please contact us for more information!


Home Buying Checklist in the Poconos


Poconos Custom Home Buyers Guide