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Buying a Vacation Home in the Poconos


Welcome to the Poconos!

Whether you visited for a weekend and fell in love or if you've been traveling here since you were a child with your family for vacation, you have felt the pull. You know what it's like to never want to leave, to sit and wonder what it would take to spend every day like this.

Well, you can. Consider the opportunity that a vacation home in the Poconos: an escape within reach.


Why A Vacation Home in the Poconos Makes Sense

Whether you love mountains, water, serene escapes, beautiful scenery, or feeling like a local, the Poconos has it all. Whether you want a sporting adventure, a meditative hike, or an exciting day trip to a water park, you're only miles from each here.

1455ArrowheadPropertyLibertyHomesDSC_1067.jpgIf you're consistently renting homes, buying hotel rooms, or settling for a remote Air BnB location when you visit the Poconos, maybe it's time to buy a vacation home. Not only will you be saving time and money in the long run, but you will also have a place you can call home.

Some of the common reasons people choose to buy a vacation home in the Poconos include:

  • Having the freedom to design your own home the way you want rather than settling on someone else's design tastes and functionality needs
  • Investing in a rental property on days you are not at the vacation home
  • Having a home away from home for spur of the moment trips or inviting guests

Many families decide to purchase a vacation home in the Poconos together. This keeps the home more affordable when split between more people. It's a great location for family reunions and gatherings.

Have you been considering buying a vacation home in the Poconos but can't find land or need more guidance on the process? Give us a call!





Home Buying Checklist in the Poconos