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Thoughts on Energy Efficiency in Home Building

If you are interested in building a home in the Poconos, energy efficiency may be a topic of interest for you. At Liberty Homes, we know that energy efficiency is no simple subject. It involves not only reducing your home's footprint on the environment, but also saving you money right out of the gate. 

By building tighter and ventilating correctly and efficiently, our homes not only retain hot or cool air better, but also make the home healthier. This means those of us with allergies, asthma, or other air-quality concerns can breathe easy. Our customers notice the difference too! 

Energy efficiency isn't just about one thing. It's about the health, savings, and the environment, and you can have it all with a Liberty home.

300dpiWinter2017CampaignLandingPageImages2.jpgWhat Is Home Functionality and Why Does It Matter

Whatever type of home you may want to build, functionality will be an important factor to consider. How will your kitchen be laid out? Where will the rooms be? Will your new home invoke a natural sense of space and serenity or will it feel cluttered and tight? Will it afford you all the conveniences you desire and remain usable and functional for years to come?

These questions and more should be asked at the beginning of the process. Liberty Homes focuses on functionality because we want you to enjoy your home. We take pride in creating homes that last with floor plans that make you happy not annoyed. Learn more about customizing your Poconos home here.


300dpiWinter2017CampaignLandingPageImages3.jpgWhat You Should Expect from Home Builders

Whether you want to work with us or another Poconos home builder, energy efficiency should be expected. When considering different home builders, this discussion should be brought up early on. Don't settle for a home that seems great on the outside, but is cold and drafty on the inside. You deserve energy savings; you deserve better air quality; you deserve a better home.

Here are a few articles on energy efficiency, that we hope you find helpful in your home building journey:

- How to Eliminate Allergens from Your New Poconos Home

- Why Indoor Air Quality Matters for Your Home

- Why Energy Efficiency Isn't a Sacrifice Anymore

300dpiWinter2017CampaignLandingPageImages4.jpgHow Liberty Homes Can Help

By considering energy efficiency and functionality from the beginning, we create homes that our customers love not just in the beginning but for years to come. We don't want you to have to pay for expensive maintenance and energy efficiency upgrades later on. We do it right the first time so you don't have the headaches and stress of figuring out those things later!

If saving money, reducing the environmental footprint of your home, and creating a healthier living space are important to you, fill out the form on this page to begin the energy efficiency conversation with us! We'd be happy to walk you through all the unique features of our homes and hear your vision for your new home in the Poconos!


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